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Schedule for 2017 now posted at If you notice the one day gap between the first day and the second, it is to give the students time to recover, you will be asked to do some manual kneading on the first day which may be strenuous for most beginners. You may also use this extra day off to purchase ingredients or tools that you may need in your baking.

* Please do not buy your mixer, oven etc., yet before you attend the first day of class. Some students jump into buying baking stuff immediately after enrolling in a baking class without knowing exactly the type of tools they need. It will cost you more money to buy some tools you end up not needing at all, so it is wise to attend the first or second days first before attempting to make any purchases.

List down the most important items you need after the first day's session and decide which one you think you need to buy first. I have students who end up buying mixers and ovens that are not exactly what they need and only came to this realization after attending my class. Imagine getting a 12-sheeter oven when all you need is a 4-sheeter? Kitchen Aid 5 quarts versus a 10- quart commercial mixer both at the same price? Kababayan baking sheet versus the Divisoria baking sheet at the same price? I have baking sheets and pans that are useful only as trays gathering dust in my cabinet and other tools that are space wasters. You do not want to throw them while at the same time you do not know what to do with them.


With a finished cake, students should bring a 3 layered cake, buttercream, drop flowers to class on the second day for their final project.

ROYAL ICING Buttercream Fondant and Gumpaste all in 3 days

P7500.00 inclusive of ingredients and free cupcakes to decorate

Please go to for details or text 9495705091 for more info Ask for Shirley Villafranca for updated articles on baking breads

Email to reserve a slot or for further inquiries, maximum of only 8 students per session.

If you plan to have a private lessons for your group, feel free to email me.
Lessons will be held at Lot 11 Block 6 Yakal Street Northridge Park Subdivision, Sta. Monica Novaliches Quezon City 1117

* Near SM Fairview, NCBA Fairview, Casa Milan,SSS
We are in between Palmera Homes Phase 2 and 4 Novaliches

It will be the same class i have been doing since 2001, i will be home for a vacation and also for my medical check ups, birtdays (we have 8 birthdays for October, with me sharing the 17th with my nephew, one debutante on the 14th etc.,).

The most basic tools and equipment will be there, my four-sheeter oven, 10 quart commercial mixer, 40 pieces of baking sheets (not all will be used each day) and some other items you can typically find in any other bakery, except for the Roller or Pasada. I do not use this. This is ancient Spanish Era bread making and it is already banned for use in most countries.

The students will get a lecture first, just a short getting to know you ice breaker, introduction to what we will do, the ingredients, equipments, and the procedures. Students then get to know how to weigh, then proceed to mixing, until the dough is DONE.

Make-up stage follows, if there is a filling then students learn how to fill the dough which i find very funny to go through each first day baking session. Most of these students have never touched a dough in their life let alone FILL A DOUGH with something savory or sweet so i am amused, sort of. Some students find the exercise easy on the first day, some find it awkward, be that as it may, it was worth going through.

Each day, 3 kilograms of dough will be mixed, there is no time limit so if the students work fast, then they finish early. There are times when a group will have more questions, so this drags the day up to 4 pm, but most of the time, the session ends at 3 pm.

Manual kneading, which is to me the most important experience of all is done mostly on the first day, but if a student requests to do it on the second day, he or she may do so. No arm bending here. If you have a bad back, scoliosis, RA etc., please tell me before hand so you can skip this activity, otherwise, i require all students to go through this.

You will learn how to round, shape (rounds, baguettes, cinnamon roll logs, ovals, ensaimada snalis or coils,etc.,)You will also proof the dough on the baking pan, watch the dough rise, pre heat the oven, and bake. Best part is to eat the breads fresh off the oven, or should i say smelling the breads while they are baking right in front of you. It is a surreal experience, one moment it is just a lump of dough, next thing you know, you are eating it. Nothing better than that.

Do not wear high heels or pumps, plain soft cushioned closed toe sandals will do, cotton shirt not polo long sleeves, whatever is comfortable. For the women, please tie your hair if you do not want to wear a hairnet. Bring a spare shirt, mini towel, extra bottle of water if you wish although i normally serve drinks and light snacks. Most students also bring their lunch, but some do not because they prefer to eat the breads we bake. I could not disagree more. However, some diabetics or those who prefer to eat rice for lunch may bring a light meal on the side too.

Lastly, i beg each student NEVER TO FORGET YOUR PLASTIC CONTAINERS. Any container will do, except for plastic sando bags especially if you are commuting all the way back to Cavite or Bulacan. This is to preserve your finished samples and i give generous amounts of breads to my students not just 2 pieces or 3 like some baking schools do. My reasoning is for you to share the experience with the people you love, people who would support you in this new hobby or career, and in turn encourage you to be inspired all the more. Second day is the most inspiring because they get great compliments from the breads they had brought home and most are eager to buy ovens and mixers at this stage.

I would have students who get calls on the second and third day from their husbands or wives what breads they are bringing home that day, what time they are coming home, etc., My student friend Marge had to buy breads from the store so her breads will last the second day because they disappear fast.

The Commercial Bread Making Class is for 4 days, whole day no time limit and we usually start at 9 am, but call time is at 8:30 am, so be there on time, i start at 9 am sharp. Lucky for those who arrive early because i love to chat. You know what i mean.

I charge the same fee i charged since 2001, P10,000.00 for the 4 days, inclusive of all the ingredients. I am thinking of buying extra flour and ingredients for the students to buy after class but i will think about it. My students before had requested me to do so but i shrugged the whole idea because of problems with storage. Some students cannot get started because they cannot find the ingredients fast enough so if you are enrolling in this class and have no access to a nearby retail bakery supply store, let me know. I might change my mind. I do not intend to charge too much, maybe just to offset the cost of gas and driver, packaging etc.,

Email for reservations, details etc., To those who have already inquired many weeks ago, please email me if you want to make a reservation. Thank you.. and see you in my class.


MY 1998 FOUR-SHEETER OVEN,I GOT THIS AFTER GRADUATING FROM CULINARY SCHOOL. I had no idea what to buy that time, so i got a La Germania and this one, just to make sure my new career will not go into hibernation just in case the other one does not work my way. Turned out, the cheaper fabricated oven lasted the more expensive P17,000 oven. It is now no longer part of reality, just a storage for old pans or what nots, but this rusty oven still works magic.

From cookies, to 4 chiffon cakes per batch, hundreds of Pan de sal and Ensaimada, this oven is my century long BEST BUY EVER. It went under water during the Ondoy of September 2009, my baking class was suspended for a month because i dried the whole thing up but still went back to work with no hitch afterwards. Amazing. Looks bad from the outside but i plan to have it polished, the inside though is absolutely spot on down to the single Fahrenheit.

Cake Decorating and Cake Lessons




After this, you will never have a boring day, ever!

Visit for more Cake Decorating articles and images.

HERE IS A PREVIEW OF WHAT IS IN STORE FOR THE CAKE AND CUPCAKE DECORATING CLASS, I MIXED IN BOTH THE FONDANT AND BUTTERCREAM TO DECORATE THIS BATCH OF BANANA CUPCAKES. I did this in a jiffy because the cupcakes are fast disappearing, starting with 32 pieces and i was left with only 11 pieces to decorate. Normally you do the cakes in one day, make the decorations in another day, be it a day before or days before but i did everything in one whole day because my colds are getting worst, afraid i will never get this done at all.

Making my simple pink flower

Drying it up on a flower former

Cupcake with a Skirt

Buttercream Rose on a Cupcake

Gumpaste Flowers and Buttercream on a Cupcake

Mini Rose with Buttercream Flower

Now they can eat it, but not before i take photos please!

Okay, so i still have some left the morning after but only because the boys had so much icing too eat already. I guess.

My favorite so i am not letting anyone eat it.
See you in my class, i will post the materials in my website maybe this coming summer, still have lots of things to do, writing the lesson plans etc., (meaning, lots of fun in the work for me too decorating the cakes for my file.)

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