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Braiding Bread, Whole Wheat Loaf Bread

How to form a plait or braid. First divide the dough into 3 equal portions and roll into a strip. They have to be the same length as the pan you are using, can be shorter but not longer than the loaf pan. Line them up in front of you as shown below.

Number the dough strips into 1 2 and 3. 

Put strip number 1 under #2, and #1 over #3 as show above.

Pick # 3 and place it in between # 1 and # 2. We are now going to start criss crossing the strips. I actually practiced with 3 ropes and straws before i started with this one.

Next put strip on your left in between the two strips.

Next, grab the strip on the right and place it in between the two strips. 

Again, with the left strip on hand, place it between two strips until you get to the end of the braid.
Tuck both ends under and place it in a greased loaf pan or flat on a baking sheet.

Proof until it doubles in size and bake at 325 F for 30 minutes or until center temperature registers 199 F.

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Pandesal Formula

Altering a bread's formula has consequences. To maintain the bread's softness, there are so many ways to do it, not just dosing it up with fats, sugar, eggyolks, etc., These days, meaning, the healthy track most people are treading or at least trying to, potatoes, sweet potatoes, squash etc.. can be used.

They will have differing results, depending on the percentage you use, you need to consider the cost and availability of the product you will use. In New York where 0 trans fat is the rule of the game, baked products became more expensive and yet, bakers swear by the trans fat. I for one have experienced this, because 0 trans fat margarines and shortenings just have too much water in them. High ratio fats still have the edge when it comes to extending moisture and shelf life, palatability to baked goods and even the volume. However, trans fat is not healthy. That is a fact. What can you do?

In my class, yes we use trans fat. There is i think no way 0 trans fat will be a manda…

One Dough, 3 Breads My Breads

Been a week since i had my last bread and i was craving for something to snack on one night i went down for a midnight raid on the fridge. There was nothing plain, all sweets, some donuts, some pastries and i did not want to fry an egg that late.

There was a loaf of ...., and though i do not eat this anymore, i was really hungry so i grabbed one slice and munched on it. Nah. Just not the same. I just knew that night that back pain or not, i have to bake something that would last me a week at least. Do not want to go through this again. Why? Because the next choice if i couldn't find something not sweet to eat for a quick fix is yes, chocolate. Which always happens if i do not have any breads in my stash.

So here's my version of a loaf bread. This is made with brown sugar and of course it has oats and nuts and whatever i manage to grab from the drawer. The sugar is way too low and the fat i used is canola oil instead of the commercial trans fat we know as lard or margarine. It …

Commercial Breadmaking July 2017 Session

Just posting an updated Bread making session with my friend from facebook from a long time ago. She is a friend whom i met through facebook and we don't get to meet here in Manila until i decide not to leave last May. If i left as scheduled, we both would miss each other again as it happens every year for like what,,, 4 years or so???

Anyways, here are the photos. She brought with her Surfina, a bread flour from Belgium and it is what she said it is, it does not work well for French Breads, maybe Pandesal and flatbreads but the water is way too low although i kinda like the yellowish cornmeal like color. It makes you think it's rich in something :)

To my July batch, i thank you. For the laughs and well, i apologize if i was only able to serve you pancit on the last day because my helper/cook/is incognito...

Baking classes, both one on one and the group (very small group) is ongoing, so text me at 09495705091 if you are dying to eat homemade breads. I will once again explain wh…

One Day Cake Deco Classes

You can now attend 2 day cake decorating classes just in case you only want to learn Buttercream or Gumpaste etc., Pick any of the the 3 principles and get started with your creative side. You will be surprised as to how artsy you can get after just one day.

Take a look at the Royal icing and Gumpaste flowers. It just so happen that my nephew is catering a birthday party so i made extra flowers and will give away some decorated cupcakes. I am now thinking of selling them in my coffeeshop one of these days. Parting with the cupcakes after staring at the lovely colors and design is hard but what can you do...

Here's the class on Buttercream, Royal Icing and Gumpaste with Fondant. Please see schedule at and email me at You can also text me at 09495705091 for details.

If you take the 3 day class then you get a discount by paying only P7500.00.

piping buttercream and royal icing design

Edible flowers at the palm of my hand. Love it!!!

Pinoy Pandesal and How to...

So i got an email from a friend. ... who asked me if i could help out with her baker, and just to make the conversation short, it is basically to critique their Pandesal and how to improve it sort of ish.

I agreed, what is one day right? So i asked her baker to show up at one of our sessions, i already had something in my mind on what to make him do, and also asked her to make him bring samples of their Pandesal.

So he showed up. Young fellow, very thin and well, not to be too blunt, and i do not know him from Adam so i cannot tell much about his character and so forth and so on. I think he is a decent baker, able to probably produce breads and pastries like he said he does. I asked for the Pandesal, i asked the usual questions, what's wrong with it, what is the formula etc., etc., etc.,

Now, i did not discuss this with my friend, not yet... because i doubt if she would understand me. Teaching breads in one day just don't cut it. But since i have no more time to teach this guy…

Cakes and Cupcakes For Beginners

Baking cupcakes, muffins and then on to the bigger world of Chiffon Cakes and Sponge Cakes is every girl's dream. I would say most and not all because i have 2 sisters and both do not bake at all. Both would love to cook but i guess their careers come first so the cooking and baking part did not materialize.

For me, the picture of this lavish party food spread on Gulliver while he was tied up in Lilliput started it all. I can still remember the photo of the layered cake with pink icing and a red cherry on top, a huge roasted turkey or maybe chicken ( i was only 5 years old then) and lots of other goodies all on one page. It made me dream of a party like that. Made me think that someday i would create that pink and colorful cake one day. And so i did.

Do not ask what my favorite book then. Indeed, it is Gulliver's Travel, and i fell this sadness when Ondoy came and was not able to find my book again. If it weren't for this photo stuck in my brain, i never would have known…

Soft Buns, Hamburger and Hotdog, Pan de Lito Bonete etc.,

Soft buns are one of the best sellers when you have a bakery. I remember this bun or bread used way back when i was a child as a container for dirty ice cream in Baler. The soft bun is perfect for burgers and ham/cheese, tuna salad, chicken salad, and many other sweet and savory fillings.
The best thing about the bun is that it is soft and neutral. It is not sweet, but not too plain like a baguette. Getting the right proof is crucial. The photo below is from a bun brought by a special class student of mine, and this is what it looks like when opened. The crumb structure inside is too open (meaning it is overproofed) that's why there are holes inside. It could also mean that the dough was not shaped properly but judging from the open crumb structure, i say this has gone through more proofing.

My student bought this from a neighborhood bakery, notice how huge the bun is, but when there are holes inside when you open it.
These are the buns we make in class. The same dough is used to…