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Pita Breads and Flatbreads, Focaccia and Pizzas!!!

Flour, Water, Yeast and Salt
These are the only ingredients you need to bake a delightfully crusty, flavor packed flatbread or pizza. Call it as you like it, the flavor in this bread is in the technique and method you use to make the dough, not in the ingredient.
If you use the No time dough method to make the crust or focaccia, you will only taste the flour and salt, or some yeasty flavor of some sort, no deep hearty tones, something you cannot explain why you keep on munching on the bread even if there is nothing else there but the bread itself.
That's how good and excellent it is. What method? Simple. Fermentation. It builds flavor, extends the shelf life, speeds up the mixing and proofing times, etc., etc.,
If you haven't tried making your bread using this method, you have to try!!! There are so many recipes online that you can find or simply just take a portion of the flour in your recipe, be it 1 cup or 2 cups, it doesn't really matter for a beginner. Add a bit of y…
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Dough Enrichment, Adding Nutrients and Enhancing your Breads

There are so many things that you can do with your plain dough such as a baguette or pandesal dough. I love enhancing the dough with all sorts of grains, herbs, spices, seeds, dried fruits, nuts, and so on. Nothing should stop you from creating another bread from the same Pandesal plain dough or the pizza dough you have stashed in your freezer. Even store bough doughs can be made into something more interesting and hearty.

I am sprinkling the dough with ground flax seed and chia seeds.  Fold and lightly knead the seeds into the dough, be careful not to put too much pressure because you will stiffen the dough and need to relax it back again to shape it.
 Pesto Baguette

Or smear your favorite chilli, garlic and onion oil on the dough for a spicier kick

Spicy Ciabatta Toast with Basil

of fill your favorite Loaf bread with the same pesto or garlic filling. I have tried spinach and cheese as well.
However way you want to dress your bread, try using a small amount first and then add more t…

Homemade, Personalized Breads Please

Times like this when you just can't get satisfied with the breads you buy in the groceries and you suddenly get the urge to eat something different? Well, good thing i know how to make my own bread. Not just any kind of bread, or bread recipe that i have to follow step by step from a baking book, but my version of a healthier and more satisfying loaf of bread.

So just what kind of breads do i bake? For my baking class, we bake all sorts, from the humble Pandesal to that glorious buttery sweet Ensaimadas. These are not the stuff my sister and i eat anymore. My breads are usually made from ingredients that i have in the kitchen, sweet potatoes, nuts, coconut, bananas, yams, fresh herbs and even chilis!

The past few weeks, i made several batches of Walnut studded loaves, half of which will go to my sister. Last week, she took me to Starbucks and made me taste the toasted fruit and nut so i did, but took only two bites and that was it. It tasted good, but just not my kind of bread, to…

Special Ensaimadas

The air pockets hold the extra butter during shaping so it kinda stayed there after the bake, notice how the bread did not collapse even if the texture is very much open. Proper technique, formula and baking.

Divide the icing evenly so you won't ran out and end up scraping icing off. If you notice i purposely bake my Ensaimadas this brown, the high sugar, yolks and butter of my dough will make browning inevitable, if i bake them PALE, like some Ensamaidas in the market, nahihilaw ang loob and then THEY COLLAPSE. Hindi po sunog yan, hindi rin dry, talagang if you're eggsyolks are in the 26 to 30% range, it will be hard to adjust the oven temperature. If i am using my mother's digital oven, i can do that but still i prefer a golden brown finish, much like what AUTHENTIC ENSAIMADAS SHOULD LOOK LIKE.

Take note of the height of the bread after the bake. They do not collapse, no wrinkles and shrinking. When i bake them pale at this size, they always collapse on me plus the tast…

One Dough Too Many

Creating a variety of breads using just one dough is not that hard. You just have to think and write them all on a paper and think of whether the kind of bread fits the dough that you have on hand.  If you do it right, you can create as many as 12 or even more different kinds of breads from just one dough.
A medium rich dough, one with eggs, milk, butter and sugar can work as you all in one dough and produce for you Pandesal, Buns, Dinner Rolls, Ensaimada, Doughnuts, Mongo, Coconut, Cinnamon Rolls, Loaf Bread, Braided Bread, Fruit and Nut Bread, Sandwich Bread, and many more as shown on the photos below.

If you want, you can use the same dough to make Spanish breads and Pan de coco, Hotdog and Hamburger Buns etc.,, Now that is real fun in a bun!!!

Top photo, one dough showing Cinnamon Rolls, Dinner Rolls, Cheese Rolls and a Fruit and Nut Braided Bread. You can use this dough to make a Loaf bread, Pandesal, Soft bun or hamburger bun and lots more. The only questions is whether you hav…


PIZZA CLASS (with Pita bread, Focaccia)                 Fee: P3,000.00 inclusive of ingredients

Vegetarian, Meat, and other variations

February 4
March 4
April 1

Everybody can make their own Pizzas. Small, large, minis!!!
Pizza Sandwich! Why not?

The same Pizza dough can make Pita Breads!
Using a Pizza Stone, Pita Chips baking at the bottom to crisp them up. Again, same dough.
Deep dish pizza, as requested. Lots of meat and mushroom inside.

No kidding, the same dough can be made into French Bread. Like this.

For those who want just to learn how to make Pizzas, i am opening a class once a month, possibly every first Sundays or in any available Sunday of the month. Since there's not much rising going on when it comes to a Pizza dough, meaning, you don't need to wait till it doubles or triples in height, i decided to agree on holding a one day class just for this type of bread or pie if you want to call it that way.

I am not underestimating the pie, or the bread. Pizzas should ha…

November and December Baking

It was the usual busy baking months, not because i am selling breads or cakes like before but due mostly to my 1 on 1 sessions which seemed to converge in these two last months of the year.

I would like to thank them all, from Josephine T who even gave me 2 aloe vera plants and 1 dama de noche (glad to tell you they are all thriving well) down to the last one for the month, Glenda Villespin. I wish you all the luck, from finding the best oven and mixers down to the best bread flour in your area. I wish that the coming year would be an absolute baking bliss for you and your families.

While lunching on my homemade Walnut and Rosemary Focaccia toasts, i can't help but think of the facebook posts i read and view every day, from past students who now have their own bakeries and are selling online goodies. May your numbers increase and keep up the good work. I hope you find the joy of baking inside and out.

Baking is not easy if you don't like it to begin with. I always tell my stud…