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Sponge and Dough Class

There will be a Sponge and Dough class on December 29 and 30 for those who want to learn this technique, something indispensable for professional bakers to start mastering if you really want to be up there in the baking industry.

Lessons will include sweet and savory breads such as

Bacon and Scallion bread
Ear of wheat
Parsley and Garlic Foccacia
Special Pandesal, you loved the Pandesal we did in class, wait till you taste how the sponge improves the quality and flavor of your Special Pandesal.

Ube Haleya Bread, Apple and Cinnamon Bread
Honey Oatmeal, Sweet Camote Rolls
Fruit and Nut Rolls

You will learn Old dough technique, Levain, Making A starter (feeding and taking care of a starter), and the traditional sponge and dough method(different permutations).

Fee: P5,000.00, NO time limit, whole day session so please pack a light lunch or eat a heavy breakfast because work will be continuous, non stop until all the doughs have been made up. :) Lot of hard work i know, yesterda…