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January 2017 Bakes

Here are some of the bakes this month, i am resting for two days and will be having a special one on one session this weekend with a lass who visited me while i was having a session this month. She is from Batangas, a province famous for their bakers or panaderos/horneros so we had a grand chat the other day regarding her problems with her Aunt's bakery.

They used to average 10 sacks a day. This was when her Aunt still manages it during her prime years but the 10 became 1. Dismal if you think about it and i think it is the right decision to finally put her own stamp into the bakery. She told me the bakery used to have at least 30 employees. My students were already arriving so i forgot to ask how many there are now. Definitely not 30 if your production went to a low 1 sack a day.

So anyway, here are the breads my class did this month.

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Taking Turns Baking

One aspect of a hands on class is learning and experiencing how to load the dough in the oven, basically baking the breads. I think i have attended at least 10 baking classes in my lifetime and i only had the chance to do some actual baking, meaning loading the mixed dough inside the oven once.

This is what i want my students to experience, even is some feel very intimidated by the prospect of getting burned, still i encourage the students to try it, even for just a couple of times. Not all students welcome this idea sad to say, but if i am a student, a beginning baker, i would love love love to have the chance to load the dough inside the oven myself. This is why it is called a hands on class right?

Male students are not fussy so they mostly volunteer to do the job. It is funny to see the hands and arm quiver since most have never done this before. There is always the first time and once must, i insist to go through it.

Best part of baking the breads yourself is the pride you have in…