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My last entry probably for this week and the next, will be traveling to California next week for a baking assignment, if any of you guys need help just get in touch with me through my email.

Anyway, holiday season is over, done with the fatty foods and sweet starchy treats, need to purge but not starve so i made this Flax Seed Buck Wheat Bread. Still very difficult for a novice, you need to have that patience otherwise you will probably just throw the dough away and head to your local grocery. The buckwheat in the dough needs to be just under 15%, otherwise, the dough will rise till next xmas. It will be flat, no personality at all, and will fare well just as a flatbread.

Same thing with the flax seed, i love biting into this crunchy seeds one by one but that is the thing, you either grind it to get the benefits of the seeds or chew it and get it ground up in your mouth. I have tried using the gound seeds directly into the dough but it has a retarding effect on the fermentation, makes…