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More Cheese Please!

You know cheese and lots of cheese can't be that bad for you if eaten once a week.(Really, just once a week). An overload of cheese, is like eating a bag of Dove Dark Chocolates for me, simply amazing. You know it will get to where it wants to go, down your hips and thighs so for my sanity, i make sure that i go all the way when it comes to "cheesing my breads". Sometimes, i justify it by telling myself they weren't for me, but for the boys... I know better. This is what it looks like while you eat it piping hot, fresh off the oven. I make sure i go first and announce my verdict seconds after. 3 kinds of cheese; Cottage, Mozarella and Cheddar. Checking the dough if it's ready. This dough has pulp from the juicing, carrots, celery and apples. Not that much, around 1 cup per 500 grams. Dredging it in breadcrumbs to mimic Pandesal. The breadcrumbs add texture and crunch, with a toasty flavor. This is my nephew's nth try on Pandesal or bread makin…