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Cake Decorating, Edible Art

Right. I did not even plan to end up doing cakes since i am a bread enthusiast. Cake is just something pretty to eat for me back then but nowadays, caking or baking a cake and decorating it has spread like a virus and you can't help yourself enough. It's just too pretty to not do it.
In fact, when done during lull days meaning when you have lots of extra time, decorating a cake can be therapeutic. Just make sure you plan it ahead and everything you need will be there at your table. Piping Royal Icing and Buttercream is cheaper than Gumpaste and Fondant. All you need are the basic piping tips, a parchment paper or piping bag and a tip nail. Prop your tablet in front, or plug your music app and listen to your favorite hit list and pipe away.

Royal Icing flowers can harden and keep for at least a year if stored properly. No kid can resist eating these after the candle is blown. I remember throwing a tantrum when i did not get a rose when i was 5 years old. This pink Rose is look…