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Pita in New York

If there's one thing that is sure to be found in New York is shop after shop in every turn you make. All the streets in Manhattan is lined with every imaginable dining experience you are in the mood for. I would have loved to do some bakery hopping but my legs just can't take it, we took a bus to Manhattan because traffic is horrendous and parking is impossible as well so your best bet to go around New York City is to find a place to stay, take your feet to the streets until you drop dead and go back the next day because you won't finish it in one day. In Times Square, just feeling the crowd. Below is another twist to the Pandesal, i made sure my sugar level is just at the right sweetness for my mother who is taking Metformin already, not a full blown Diabetic yet, but i told her that i will reduce the sugar of the dough so she can still have her bread. She had also seen an eye doctor recently and was told that her cataract is still at bay, no need to worry. She lo…