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Whole Wheat Pizza with 3 Cheeses

Lately i think i have had extra sugar in my diet that i decided to counter the effects or purge myself off it by having more whole wheat and grains in my diet. Not easy especially if you live with two teenage boys who are carnivorous. My brain tells me to go ahead, i have been "sinning"lately especially after that 2 month trip out of New York.
When you live in someone else's house, you cannot choose your food. Even if you can afford to buy your own, i feel embarrass at the least to buy and cook my own food, it's like telling your host "your food sucks" in a sort of cerebral kind of way. So i try to avoid that.
Just before i left, i already told my mother to tell my Aunt in Sacramento that just in case i drop by, they should not fuss over what i would eat because i have my own special diet etc etc..
Still, it didn't stop them to invite me to pizza dinners which i kindly obliged twice and politely just excused myself the third time. Yes, i do eat a bit…