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Our Many Bakes

Just finished my one on one the other day and I enjoyed it so much because I have a chef, a professional  chef at that who owned a business once for the first time.  I got to play with my lessons once again which I always do depending on who and what the student needs. He is not new to this, he owned a pizza shop once and he is a culinary graduate. I have met quite a number of chefs before and not were as humble as Chris. You can truly see and I told myself this during class, this guy has a good heart. I prayed to Hashem that I truly truly end up helping him achieve his goal. And that is to bake good bread eats. Why bread eats?I use that term to define how bread is not just a type of food you put jellies and jams on. It's something you build your food around and within because bread to me is not a snack.  It's my dinner and my lunch.  My breakfast and my midday hunger buster. When I eat bread, in get satisfied I end up not eating rice. When I eat bread I feel a very happy pers…