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Showing posts from May 2, 2011

Making Bagels

Decided to make my own bagel, not the Montreal soft style bagels my nephews like to eat but the chewier version which they do not like to eat. The soft bagels are addictive i suppose because they fight over who gets the last piece and they can eat two of these huge almost 150 gram bread in one day. I have tasted it, it has this dark bitter sweet glaze, the interior is soft and does not look like intimidating at first but when you start chewing it, it gives you a slight fight back when you chew. Love it, although i prefer if it would be a whole wheat version, but this is the only bread i did not make myself that i liked so far.

Not the same with the original bagels because these are slightly soft on the inside and very chewy outside, smaller in size too but has a heartier flavor to it. I like both depending on what i am in the mood for. I cannot replicate the wooden planks they bake it with, nor that "water" they use and even the boiling syrup they dunk them in etc., This is …