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Leftover Breads?

Spanish breads and Pandesal

What to do with leftover breads. Taken from my eBook, any leftover breads, crackers, donuts, cookies, and cakes can be transformed into a new beginning. Meaning, you can repurpose them and create something new. Not that you are stingy, but if you have a bakery, this is what they call stales turning into cash. What you normally would throw away can be converted into earnings and by earnings it does not have to be a whole lot if you have a small operation but quite a sum if you ran a big one.

I have had students coming to me telling me they get as much as 2 sacks of stales, breads that turn hard rock dry, leftovers from returns (meaning sinosoli ng mga tindahan pag hindi nabebenta)and just plain wastage. I once worked in a bakery before and it was their policy to make the baker mark the expiration of each products, then make sure they get out of the shelves 2 days before they expire buy selling them on site to the Owner's offices and factory. I heard mos…