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Pandesal A and B

I am posting here images of one Pandesal dough made-up and baked in two different ways. Pandesal A is shaped individually, B is cut baston style but not "singkit". The dough has a high hydration rate, an improvised plastic dough cutter was used. If you have read the post on how to roll the baston and cut the "singkit" style in my website, then this is a follow-up on how important it is to create the perfect "singkit" cuts, etc.

This is not the "singkit " cut you want. The cut is open and wide, once the dough bakes, it will flatten and spread out.

This is the "singkit" cut you want, again as i have posted before, my apologies to my Chinese students and friends, this is the term i learned from the bakers at Purefood's, i did not coin it myself. In my ebook, i included 70 images on how to do the baston and singkit cut, plus another version of the Pandesal free style shape or form.

Pandesal A, shaped individually is rounder on top and …