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One Dough. Tons of Imagination.

You may think that the breads you see stacked in bakery shelves have been made from different kinds of doughs. You see about 12-15 varieties of breads, sweet and savory, filled and plain, topped and slashed, fruits, nuts, coconuts and cream. What you do not know is that almost 80% of these breads come from just one basic dough. Your signature dough, whatever you decide to use as the master baker becomes the base of most of your products. You do not need to make 6-7 kinds of doughs just because you need to make Spanish Bread, Bitso, Pan de coco, Almond Crescents, Pan de Leche etc., Just one dough. Plus your creativity.

The dough below comes from the hotdog and hamburger bun dough posted previously in this blog. Feel like making smaller rolls, which we call Pan de Limon, go ahead and use a square baking pan and scale them into smaller 20-22 gram portions depending on the baking pan you are using.

Topping with Poppy Seeds

Bake at 325 F for 12-15 minutes.

The same dough used to make mong…