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October Session

Baking the breads. The baked breads, waiting to be packed. Hotdog buns, i helped finish up the shaping just to make it look pretty. It is sad though that even if i think this batch is flawless, you cannot please everybody. Some would find time to and right in front of you tell you how awful the shape looks like. Well, customers are always right, that's what they say. I just think that maybe if you can replicate this in front of me after a month, then i will agree that the shape of these buns and the loaves below are ugly. More of the breads that are ugly, daw. I will post more "ugly" or pangit na photos next time. According to her husband who saw the breads, "masarap nga tinapay ninyo, ang papangit naman ng itsura". Really? Been teaching since 2001 and i have never heard such said to me. I have something to say but i would rather not say it here. We do take lessons in math like addition and subtraction in college right? I think we do. www.breadmaki…