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i am posting everything there is to know regarding the 3 day bakery course here so those who do not have email addresses can read the details here. one important question that i get is whether 3 days is all there is to take for someone who wants to open up a bakery business. certainly not, this course is offered to those who hav e no background in baking breads, but want to open up a mini bakery of their own, sparing themselves a full month's salary for tuition in one of the prestigious schools in the metro area. i have had students who took only two days and managed to sell pandesal and plain buns in their garages, but i have tailored this course to even up the odds, to at least 3 days. the advance course which is optional takes on the Sponge and Dough Method of breadmaking which is hardly used in the philippines.


the no time dough method is a process of making bread in under 4 hours. more of this method, advantages and disadvantages will be discus…