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i am posting everything there is to know regarding the 3 day bakery course here so those who do not have email addresses can read the details here. one important question that i get is whether 3 days is all there is to take for someone who wants to open up a bakery business. certainly not, this course is offered to those who hav e no background in baking breads, but want to open up a mini bakery of their own, sparing themselves a full month's salary for tuition in one of the prestigious schools in the metro area. i have had students who took only two days and managed to sell pandesal and plain buns in their garages, but i have tailored this course to even up the odds, to at least 3 days. the advance course which is optional takes on the Sponge and Dough Method of breadmaking which is hardly used in the philippines.


the no time dough method is a process of making bread in under 4 hours. more of this method, advantages and disadvantages will be discussed in the class.

Day 1
Pandesal, Soft Buns, Dinner rolls, Monay, Pullaman plus exercises in rolling, shaping and filling doughs with corned beef

Day 2
Spanish Bread, Honey oatmeal, Flatbreads(foccaccia, pizza dough) doughnuts( best sellers), whole wheat pandesal

Day 3
Ensaimada, Cinnamon rolls, raisin bread, French bread, Ube loaves, plus buttercream icing (cooked) for the ensaimada.

lectures will cover the following:
methods and procedures, ingredients(functions and role) baker's %, proofing, fermentation, baking, costing, sanitation, product handling, shelf life, troubleshooting and many others.

the goal of the session is to allow the students 100% hands on experience which is a must in dough handling. students are also encouraged to ask questions and discuss among themselves areas of concern regarding baking such as what type of oven to use, amount of capital investment needed, where to get ingredients nearest you etc.,

some of the questions on breadbakery that the students learn throughout the course.

what is the effect of too much eggs, sugar and fat in a dough?
what type of fat will you use if youwant to give the bread better volume?
how do you test gluten development?
how do you handle a risen dough?
why are some breads sour? what is the difference between shortening and margarine?
how much yeast is too much?
why does the dough rise slow when it rains?
why can't you add salt in the yeast mix?
how long does a can of yeast last?
where do i store my shortening?......

On how to get here, those coming from makati or edsa commuting is much easier. you need to take an SM lagro or SM fairview bus or FX or jeepney, ask the driver or conductor to let you off at North Fairview, cross the street towards Petron, take a white painted tricycle and ask to be taken to this address. BLOCK 5 LOT 13 GUIJO STREET NORTH RIDGE PARK, STA. MONICA NOVALICHES. the drivers know where exactly to take you and he will drop you off right at our front gate. my place has a dark green painted gate, with white diamond design, there is a canopy on the left front portion of the house.

for car riders, traverse the commonwealth avenue from philcoa down to tandang sora, to batasan, to the fairview proper, go straight towards NCBA, SSS village, until you see the second stoplight from here. you will go straight ahead, NOT TURN RIGHT, towards, PIT STOP, MITSUBISHI MOTORS, SEA OIL AND THEN stop when you see the PINNACLE ACADEMY where you will turn left towards LABAYANE street. go straight ahead to NORTH RIDGE PARK SUBDIVISION, turn right down the street, turn left after the yellow painted bridge, you wil pass by a basketball court, molave street, and the next street to your left is GUIJO. our house issecond from the corner two story house. there is a vacant lot in front of us and if you get lost, just text me or ask someone where the Villafranca family is or where guijo isat.

i am sorry for the confusion regarding the schedule, i hope you guys make it since xmas is around the corner. the ensaimada and cinnamon rolls that i make and sell every xmas is exactly what i teach, although you can make several alterations and substitutions if you want to cut some of the costs. the beauty of understanding what you are baking is that you can be confident enough to say, i will use less of this and add more of this instead. you won't get that feel if you merely read from a recipe. i hope you can join my other students who have found baking as a profitable and enjoyable business. Good luck!!

shirley Q. villafranca 09202880582 9383639


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