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The Oven

For those who are asking about the oven i use, this is just one of those four sheeter fabricated ovens that you can buy from P13 to P15 thousand these days. I hope my friend Sencio who was a former student still sells them at these prices. They come in different designs though, some have glass doors, others like mine are just plain so if you love to peek inside while baking, you better get the one with the glass door.

I bought this after i graduated Culinary school way back 1998, actually i belong to the first batch in OB Montessori, 95-97 but because i lack at least 700 hours of OJT, i slipped off quietly from the scene. You will not believe what i thought about this oven when i first caught a glimpse of it, carried by 4 burly men straight into our kitchen,I honestly thought it will never worked at all.

I had no idea what to buy back then really. I was baking from mini toaster ovens, an old La Germania counter top, and even tried the microwave, so the price at least got me hooked int…