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Making Variety Breads

Learn how to make the most basic of all doughs, lean, semi rich, sweet yeast doughs, and you will end up making breads you have never imagined yourself doing. Below is a sweet yeast dough turned into loaves, with brown sugar and butter filling, i sometimes use apples and cinnamon in this basic loaf bread for zpecial occasions. My former teacher at OB Montessori once held a party for some close friends in her office in UP and so i sent her 3 of these loaves. They couldn't wait to slice the coffeecakes as she told me later.

The next one is an UBE BREAD, from another sweet yeast, semi rich dough that i did for our Christmas dinner. I make a lot because my brother in law loves these breads for desserts.

Making cuts on the coffeecake to help in the rising and to create a decorative effect once baked

Same dough, there is a fruit and nut filling inside, then sprinkled some brown sugar on top. I will later on brush this with butter once baked.

I spread a few of the ube on top halfway throu…