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Basic Yeast Dough Baking


-- One of my very few favorite breads to eat when i want some carbs, usually half of these batch is destined of course to my sister's house since she and my niece love it, but not anymore since i left 2 months ago. The only difficult thing about this recipe is that, raisins are unpredictable when you use them in baking. If they are too dry, they soak up the moisture in the batter or dough, too wet, makes for a sticky dough. They also have the tendency to fall out of the baked bread, and burn when you forget to soak them.

Soak the raisins in warm water at least two hours before using them, then drain at least an hour before you start mixing.

Never add the raisins during mixing, pulse them AFTER THE GLUTEN has developed or you will wait for 2 days for this dough to rise!!! The crushed raisins affect the fermentation, believe me it happened to me. Add the raisins gradually while pulsing the mixer at low speed until the raisins/and nuts is distributed in the dough. You may also fold them into the dough if you like.


bread flour 500 grams
yeast 18 grams instant or active dry..or Saf Gold
brown sugar (dark) 180 grams or muscovado, the darker the better..
salt 17 gms
margarine 120 gms or butter, to make it special
eggs 50 gms
non fat milk powder 20 gms
water 275 + variable, depends on the flour you are using...

raisins 100 gms or more
chopped nuts 100 gms or more, any kind will do (roasted)

Weigh all ingredients and mix to full gluten development. The dough will be slightly sticky but do not add extra flour. Simply grease your fingers lightly when you start molding each piece. After mixing, the dough is weighed to get the TOTAL DOUGH WEIGHT and then divided into whatever portion you like.

**again, the nuts and raisins should be added only at the last stage.

Next is to shape each piece. Round each weighed portion, cover and relax for 5 minutes. Start shaping each portion and place on greased baking pans. Proof,then glaze. I added oatmeal or oats on top for color contrast, not that it will make it healthier.

To prevent your toppings from falling off the breads, glaze the tops with eggwash, sprinkle the oats and then mist with water. Proof your dough until they double or almost triple in size. This bread is a perennial sticker, so grease your baking pans generously....

Bake at 325 F for 15 - 20 minutes, (for a 50 gram portion), the larger your dough or portion is, the longer you need to bake them. This bread will brown fast because of the eggs, the high sugar, the milk, and the margarine in the formula so keep an eye on your baking temperature. Open the oven only after the first 15 minutes, this will at least provide enough time for the inner crumb to bake, then if the dough is still pale, bake for a few minutes more.

I have a lot of almonds in the pantry so maybe i will bake this again. I am miles away from the Philippines, i miss my sister and not having anyone to share what i bake.. This morning while watering my herbs, i saw our neighbors and decided to introduce myself by giving them the soft buns i made last friday. I have been wanting to give them since i got here so it was good i saw them outside their house today... My mother was laughing at me when i told her my hands are itching when i bake, giving out breads is a habit of mine, what can i do? We can't eat all of them...

If you are near my house (central valley, new york)and you have tomatoes in your garden, maybe we can swap... I will give you breads, you give me tomatoes or whatever greens you have in your garden. I sound desperate for fresh veggies, you are right,,, i don't drive so i have to figure out a way to get fresh produce to my place.


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