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 If there is food and wine pairings, there has to be bread and whatever is out there pairings...I know..
You do this too remember, like when you have nothing appetizing laid out for you because you do not eat pork and everyone else eats them. Poor me.

So you make sure that when you bake breads, since you cannot be doing this everyday (unless you managed to sneak some from your class) you have to freeze at least a loaf or 4 pieces of sandwich rolls. This is your insurance. This will ensure you get to eat like the rest of the population. Or starve. Imagine you, teaching breads and you finish work, tired and all, and the helper saying to you" ma'am sher, kain na (let's eat)", When you ask her what's for lunch, she tells you it's pork adobo or pork sinigang, veggies with pork etc., If it isn't pork, then it is something almost similar, that is , a dish  swimming in lard.

Now you know why i had to learn how to bake breads. Breads offer you an endless array of food choices, you can toast and grill it on the side and have the simplest consomme' or canned soup (pity!) if you have no time to cook. Prepare a quick thick slab of sandwich with cheese (i use 3 kinds, at least i have cheese, huh!)and tomatoes, onions and pickles ( i almost forgot how to spell this word) and best of all, breads are not picky eaters like me. They will wrap anything you see from yesterday's leftover, (as long as they are still good).

I admit, i became the best ever sandwich maker in my family. Notwithstanding the looks i get when i make them, even more when i start to eat them, who cares, for as long as my sandwich tastes good, and i get to feed myself without burning extra fossils, or killing that pig, i am happy.

Let's see what i have been eating these past few years... Just a glimpse okay, some are probihited postings due to mature content.
pictured on the header of this blog, pesto on baguette slices with lentils (my favorite) and tomatoes.

I freeze my lentils in batches so i had more to eat later...I was supposed to say when the pig comes but enough of the pork bashing....

Yes, i eat chicken and only if i marinate it for 4 days in spices.. My favorite marinade includes garlic, onions, ginger, lemon or any citrus fruit, chilli (freshly ground), coriander, a bit of turmeric, paprika and whatever else i fancy adding... I grilled the bread over live coals so this one i had to scrape...

grilling the bread slices

grabbed a frozen pizza crust, topped it with chopped spinach and pesto and garlic, cheese and bits of onions, that's dinner...

pizza with mushrooms and tomatoes, lean beef and eggs on soft buns, do not buy beef patties on the grocer's section, make your own from ground lean beef and stuff it with minced onions, garlic and tomatoes(no seeds), season with garlic and onion powder and a bit of finely minced sage and thyme.... salt and pepper... you do not know what they put in those patties, i know, lots of fat!!!!

dinner rolls with pasta and peas
or eat your bread with a simple slaw or cabbage, carrots and pineapples plus steamed white fish flakes

 shred cabbage, bell peppers, carrots. Add pineapple tidbits, chopped red onions, salt and pepper, and a few tablespoons of mayonnaise and mustard to put the ingredients together...
add the flakes of steamed fish and season with salt and pepper...
whole wheat tuna pandesal

beans and bread, what a perfect combination not a tortilla but a thick portion of crescent rolls. Slow cook your beans and only use the canned ones for emergency,, there is nothing more sublime than slow cooking a pot of tomato based beans with lots of herbs... freeze your leftover in batches, they reheat perfectly.
easiest sandwich to make, egg and mayo...

i deserve one hotdog sandwich every 3 months, whole wheat pita with lettuce, tomatoes and tuna ( now you can really tell how desperate this day must have been)

no, i am not done with this one yet, busy answering text messages, mine only has mushrooms and onions with tomatoes.... i do not eat spam, they are for my nephews

pita chips with basil and tomato salsa and pink salmon, i do not eat raw salmon so i pan fried it lightly

stacks of  rosemary and garlic foccacia and pita chips with red kidney beans and bell peppers (again, with tomatoes and basil) i had at one point managed to grow 50 pots of basil in front of my window sill, the ones i have right now are leftover from my previous plants.

Penne puttanesca with again, pita chips. The best thing about making pita bread is that they freeze conveniently in small ziploc bags, i never make less than a kilo of pita breads because it is so time consuming i cannot spare more for the next batch. I make one large batch, freeze them and share some to my sister. When i get hungry, i cut a piece into triangles, toast them until lightly crispy and eat them with my salsa.. Quick hunger buster!!!!
ooops, this one got away, no i did not eat this whole plate, like i said some images are disturbing to see i might delete this later... don't want anyone suing me for this.

there are 365 days in a year, and yes the others do not make it to this blog.... i will post the others that pass the thumbs up mark here in this page so keep reading and to those who are wondering (just in case somone made a mistake reading my blog) no, i am not fat.

seriously, that is not me eating these donuts


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