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Mamon/Light Sponge Cake

Hi Shirley,
thanks for the update/correction. Any suggestion on what was wrong with the way I'm baking a mamon using the chiffon cake recipe I found on a cooking book, it always shrink when cooled down, unlike when I take it out from the oven still hot the entire mold is filled up. Originally the recipe required only 88grams vegetable oil & some flavoring like vanilla or lemon. Does it have a big effect in it's volume when I replace the oil with 100grams salted butter? 'cause I want a more buttery taste mamon. By the way the following is the recipe I've used.
cake flour---------   200g
baking powder---    12g
salt----------------    3g
salted butter-----     100g ------- golden crown butter which is around P30.00 philippine peso/225g- much cheaper than unsalted anchor
white sugar-------    150g
water--------------    140g
8 large egg yolk--- approximate 188g
egg whites from 8 large egg--approx---214g
sugar-----------------80g (for the eggwhite)
cream of tartar---- 2g

Baked it @350 for 15 to 20 min until toothpick comes out clean
Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated
Thanks a lot
Roy Giron

 The shrinking happens and should be just a little bit that is why you normally fill the molds way to the top, no allowance at all as in baking cakes and muffins. If you go to chocolate lover's ask if they sell Ovalet, i know jubilee does, this is a chiffon cake improver used to prevent shrinking.
I think the inclusion of the Golden Crown is also contributing to the collapse,oil is 100 % fat, when margarine is just 84% fat plus water and milk solids. My suggestion is first to use the oil and then grease your mold with plenty of margarine, also melt a bit more about 1-2 teaspoons and drizzle on each mold.  That way when you invert them the butter will drip over the mamon. This is what the baker in the bake shop i apprenticed for way back twenty some years ago.
Magnolia also has a product called FLAVOR - IT, BUTTER FLAVORED OIL BLEND which is where i got my recipe, when i ran out of it, i just used the oil. Maybe Chocolate Lover's has it.

Also check your whipping procedure, your whites should be stiff because if not, your cake will collapse.

hope this helps

sher  Note: Roy was a former student of mine from the Philippines. Mamon making was not part of our hands on class since it is a cake, i teach only breads and basic cakes and pastries due to time constraints. I give priority to my Bread making sessions so i really did not have the time to open Cake sessions but i wish i did include the Mamon.


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