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Baking in New Jersey

This is an image of the Globe mixer my friend from New Jersey got last year. I can't say good things about it because i can't help compare it with my previous two mixers, a 10-quart Hoqurt and the 20-quart Omcan. For its price, it's regrettable if you bake a lot of breads, but if you are just a homebaker, i would say, live with it. Sounds harsh i know but even my Taiwan made P28,000.00 mixer which i purchased way back 1998 can outdo this one in a matter of minutes, NO Time Dough or not. So i taught my friend how to troubleshoot this mixer given there is no way she can return it. My advise to you if you are in the market for commercial mixers, if you can run the motor or mixer right there in the store premise the better. If you can have a short demo where you can run the mixer for at least 20 minutes or even 10 minutes, with a dough of course (you can even bring your own dough), then you can find out if this mixer you are fixed on does not over heat in under 15 minutes.

My Taiwan local made mixer can run a full 30 minutes without over heating. This is a 1 kilogram capacity commercial mixer. I have eliminated the NO time dough in my personal baking repertoire to reduce the mixing time even more. I can make 2-3 kilograms within that 30 minute window using the SPONGE AND DOUGH METHOD.

I visited New Jersey on my way back from California this early March and dropped of at my friend's house in Kendall Park. We baked cinnamon rolls on demand, i call it such because this is the second time we are making it, and over at my other friend's house, some lovely rolls or Pandesal.

Pandesal proofing above. This batch took at least 2 hours and a half in her kitchen, around 70 F plus the oven light heat.
This is after 2 hours, see how puffed the rolls are? I am getting hungry.
Still inside the oven, i am now removing it so i can preheat Dina's oven.
Time to preheat the oven.

The baked Pandesal cooling off. Now, let me go and grab a sandwich, it's been a crazed 3 week cough medicine induced state i got myself into lately, so i starved for breads and made one yesterday. Finally, i have two mixers in the house, a 20 quart and a Kitchen Aid 4.5 and i refuse to use the bigger one since i arrived from my LA trip. Yup, have not used it lately and i probably won't since i have found a way to use this smaller mixer to make our breads. I am putting it up for sale just to declog my lilliputian space with free bread lessons, the only catch is that you need to pick it up yourself. Such a daring task i may say, but hey at least you get free baking lessons to go with it. Ta ta!

My next post will be on the siopao buns, baked, yup not steamed. Already posted the Cake deco requirements in the website, will be posting the images later.


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