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More September Baking Photos

Here are some of the photos taken from my baking class this September, i will try to put them out here as soon as possible while i nurse my aching feet from standing for long hours during sessions. Ouch! Anyway, i think i forgot to tell you about the visit i had from a friend of a former student way back 3 years ago, i think.

So this lady, (if you read this, please visit me again and hopefully you make it to my class as well), and i talked about her short stint taking a class somewhere in Fairview and was totally taken aback because there was no food costing in the lesson. If the class is about bakery business, there must be right?

Anyway, it was a very interesting conversation on a quiet afternoon while i was preparing for Doris' private class, much of which centered on her baking snafus, trying out one formula after another hoping to perfect her Pandesal until she finally just had it, bought my ebook and polished her breads at least.

She still wanted to attend my baking classes but couldn't because she was taking her nursing board review, and we ended up our chat with this sad note that says, if only she had taken the classes with me. If only she waited, if only she had not tried to save on the fee (mine cost more kasi)etc etc., Basing on what she had told me for about an hour, i think she started on the wrong foot, she took the lessons and was not given the whole picture, that was why she couldn't figure out what she was doing wrong. :( I just feel for her, i hope she finally gets it, somehow.

Rule number one, never sell anything without the confidence that what you are selling is the better one out there. Your customers are not your recipe developer, they cannot always critique you every time you bring them products. Make sure that once your breads leave your kitchen, that it is not going back, that it is not your second best, but your best.

The Cakes and Cupcakes Session

Creaming method
The whole objective of which is to incorporate air into the sugar and fat, to create a light, fluffy cake.

Loading the Kababayan in small muffin pans.

Ready for baking, i try to put baking pans of the same sizes together as much as possible.

Some of the cakes baked and cooling.

Just showing basic cupcakery to newbies.

Covering a cake with buttercream. Same buttercream can be used to ice the special ensaimada on our Day 3 session, (group class).

This is Melvin, one of my students, Doris' baker finishing up the cake. Ha! I told you i will post your picture..

I love the purple color, it is a pressure piping scroll using just an ordinary star tip. I thought i can only do this on a number 43 PME tip, great!

Next post is about breads...My all girl group class for September. I just had an ensaimada for breakfast this morning with as usual, my coffee and tea with cream concoction that can send a zombie walk faster than a turtle. Had to finish working on my fondant cake, hope it does not rain. Please.


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