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Another batch from my baking class. Although i teach the same basic breads and variations, sometimes it would be the variations that would inspire another variation. A whole wheat pandesal with malunggay, which i had blogged about 4 years ago? and now has sprung up everywhere?

For those living in the province, i know it is a huge sacrifice to come here to Manila especially in Fairview, but judging from what i hear lately, i deeply encourage you to take the risks and make a bit of a sacrifice which i did too when i started. Just the other day, i went to my sister's house to teach her and her helpers how to make cupcakes and icing, then basic decorating and we sort of reminisced how she took me to Maya Culinary Arts in Paseo (is it still there?) way back when i don't know when, i think i was only 18, my first year of college, around summer time. It was a disaster, i did not know anything about pre heating, about the oven thermometer, about creaming, none of the things i saw and heard really registered and made an imprint.

You do not know just where to go, that is a fact. You hand in that precious pesos of yours and it is sad when you do not get something back in return, such a sad state of affairs. I have had calls from would be students inquiring over the phone and the worst was this 100/class one hour Pandesal course she once attended somewhere in Quezon City. (won't say where, but i will maybe in class). 100 students? Wow. It is a clear money making deal of a lifetime sort of thing huh. But was it worth it? Did the students learn? My student said she did somehow because she already know the basic. But woe to the ones she saw just chatting at the back because they could not see what was going on up front. :( See what i mean?

The most important thing, students handling the dough. Forget about the recipe, once you know the procedures, how to troubleshoot, what the dough should be like, feel like, smell like, tastes like after baking...and so on, you will learn how to make your own recipes. Fun di ba?

Here's to more baking days in the future.

I love this girl, already eating the ensaimada her grandma has made.

My favorite, Putok or Hard Monay. Sweet and chewy, and i managed to finish 3 of these in one sitting. Did i tell you i love to eat them too?

Malunggay in the Pandesal, not to hard i have a Malunggay tree in front of my window.

My bread making class for November is on 13, 20 and 27, all Sunday class for the working people, my only Sunday class.

I feel sad for one of my students, she paid good money to have her baker trained here, and well, he was gone. Good thing her niece was in the class too so at least she can pass on what she learned to another baker. I knew it, had a bad feeling hearing him talk when Doris was not around. Imagine one time he told us in class that he broke two mixers because he forgot to put the butter and so added it in the mixing dough, eventually overheating and taxing the motor. Duh! Also, when he turns bad cookies, he mixes them up with the good ones, hiding the pieces inside the jar, passing them up as good ones. I think it was a good decision to let him go, who knows what else he would have done after like 2 or 3 months. Lumaki ang ulo niya kasi pina train siya? Like maybe he thinks he is such a loss if he quits, so he turns up drunk and late for work? Amazing how people can change their turncoats in just a wink. I put so much time teaching him too, making him knead doughs so he will perfect the mixing stage, explaining to him the procedures in TAGALOG, having really a hard time translating some of the baking terms just so he would understand them.

Know what, i think my student will have more showers of blessing in the future, not her loss. Doris can always train a new one because she knows how to bake too, and know the principles by heart.


the Pink Line said…
we have a small bakery..i really want to learn how to make malunggay you conduct seminar? please email me..thanks!

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