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Kitchen Aid and Breads

Whole Wheat Pandesal made using Kitchen Aid Professional 5 Quart Model.

Kitchen Aid and Breads are not really that too friendly with each other. If you have tried using yours to make batch after batch of breads, you know what i mean. Not gonna work. My first Kitchen Aid experience was way back when, still in college, google eyed and obsessed with making my own Pandesal and well to say the least was not a happy one. Cakes. Check. Icing. Check. Cookies. Check also. Breads. Forget about it.

But i found a way to make it work with less fun fare, meaning, mess and stress in the kitchen. I am just making breads, how come my kitchen looks like a tornado zone? That's what happens when you try to make it work and have no idea how to. Ha ha ha. So finally, after i think about 5 trials, i figured out how to, such a light bulb moment, i feel incredibly pysched, at last, my Kitchen Aid will deliver. More.

One of the perks i reward my students with since i brought this 5 quart Pro Model is that i tell them how i do it, just an afterthought that maybe they need to learn this too, also giving them new techniques and methods to make their lives easier as a bread maker.

Nah, sorry Kitchen Aid, i don't buy it. Still not going to work with my formula, or Filipino recipes. Can you imagine mixing a stiff Siopao or Hard Monay dough in it?


When my MSI notebook crashed, i brought it to the Service Center with just the notebook itself, they did not take the charger. When i brought my Toshiba to the Toshiba Center, the driver had to ask me for the charger so he can bring it to them. That is pretty telling, don't they have the chargers in their shop? Isn't that the reason why you are a service center? Just asking. It has been two weeks, MSI took less than that. Nokia fixed my cellphone for less than 5 days.

Also just asking, the Maguindanao massacre is a real nerve buster, had a glimpse of the special by PCIJ last night over at News TV Channel 11 and i lost my zen real quick. Disgusting how these people can live in mansions while the whole expanse is covered in poverty, about 80 lawyers total in between 34 accused??? Can't we match gunfire with more gunfire? What i mean is, if they have 80 lawyers, how about asking and appealing to the other private lawyers who have a heart to jump in and help out?

Another turtle speed court proceeding in the making will be the Ramgen Revilla case for sure. The mother's camp will drag it to high heavens, and that super uber Golden Globe Best Actress Mara Revilla will never be found, or worst, will never face justice. A few days before his murder, he even texted Mara asking her that they patch things up. He was begging for his allowance, and the day before this carnage happened, he even texted his sister Gale telling him that he knew that the hatred towards him was because of the car that his brother, Ram Joseph sold. Pity.

To think that his family conspired to have him liquidated, that they failed 3 times before and still went on with it, that he was not even the one holding the monthly allowance anymore and still died for it, is sickening. You can tell when a person is guilty when the mother keeps on quoting the Bible, quoting G-d like they were on eye to eye speaking terms, the typical Sanchez Bible trotting holier than thou facade. Seen that. Heard that. I watch Cold Case Files, not the series with the blond botox actress but the real cold case files, and when they interview parents and families of murder victims, they STILL CRY AFTER 30 S0ME YEARS.

There she was, Genelyn Magsaysay, smiling in front of Jessica Soho, a week after her son's death, that she even managed to mention his name without shedding a tear is beyond the speed of light. So calm and so nonchalant, you would think she was promoting her movie. Disgusting. She knew about it, she probably even was a part of the planning, because i cannot imagine how an 18 and 22 year old can plan and have the guts to do it in their own house. Where was she when it happened anyway? Gosh. Talk to your children. Or better yet, please don't make 75 children in your lifetime.


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