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I decided to make just mini soft buns for sliders this week, enough of the large regular sizes for awhile and make them tiny for a change. I used just one pan, crammed them together so when they bake, they will snug each other and form a set of 4s and sixes when cut.

I used several toppings, oats, poppy seeds, sesame, flax for color. Your timing has to be on spot, loading in the oven should be precise or you won't get the results you want.

Most students sometimes think you can get away with learning how to bake breads without reading anything. That is something i think you cannot skip nor ignore if you really want to learn the professional way of baking breads. Like trying to find out the what and why of the yeast, sugar, salt, fats etc., Don't tell me you are not curious at all to know what these ingredients do? What are the types of yeasts, what methods are out there when you make breads, what is straight dough, what is a sponge? All of these i also read in the web way back early 90s when i was painfully trying to perfect my baguettes. What is a baguette? Thousands of websites, not just mine offer a glimpse and basic vocabulary in the art of baking breads that i think you should be browsing over and over. Laziness is just pulling you back and not being helpful at all. I am pleased and flattered when students quote what i wrote on my website, they are not exactly the best out there to put it humbly, but they were good enough for a BEGINNING BAKER.

Inside the oven, the "ovenspring" characterizes the sudden expansion of the dough once it hits the heat of the oven. Which one offers a much better ovenspring? A dough made with a NO TIME DOUGH METHOD or one with a SPONGE AND DOUGH METHOD? Why should i use one more than the other?

Baked exactly to my specifications, this tray should be cooled on a rack immediately. Never turn it over.

To my students, i know you are reading this, remember what i told you in class? 3 days of baking session is different from 5 days. It is different from 7 days, and way much different from 2 weeks. 3 days of hands on gave you a chance to work with the dough which is better than 2 weeks of demo, but i wrote the ebook as a supplement to your lesson, so please read it. Over and over. You will have this feeling that i am talking in front of you like we are still in class. That's what the others say at least. A student who have given his best to read and study it after our baking class, will definitely have a huge edge over someone who does not care reading it at all. Remember,you have not baked before, you have no idea what yeast dough baking is all about. That's exactly why i wrote the ebook on breads to serve as your crutch, your mentor, your OBI WAN KANOBI, except that this one has photos.

Last call on my baking classes, January and February na lang po. I only accept 7-8 students, first to reserve gets a spot, those who get left behind will be on a waiting list, if i get at least 3 extra on this list, then i will open another session for both January and February. Hope i can come back again, my brother who is flying back with me on February 19 is only staying in New York for a month,(he hopes he can do so). I will definitely be posting when my classes will open again.


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