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Malunggay Bread

View detailed article on Malunggay Sandwich Bread in my website, for ideas on how you can make Malunggay variations on breads, not just Pandesal.

Not that hard, very easy to make as long as you know how to make breads.

I purposely used a bit more water in the dough, (sinadya kong dagdagan ang tubig para maging mas malambot ang tinapay). If you have tried baking breads, the mixing part is the most difficult that is why i still insist on giving hands on sessions, not just demo, and more than just ONE DAY LESSONS, NOT EVEN TWO DAYS, BUT AT LEAST 3 DAYS so you will get to know the DOUGH BETTER.
I prefer my sandwich breads with an open grain structure, in Tagalog, medyo buhaghag at alsado. Yung iba, gusto ng siksik, pero sa Monay ko lang gusto yung medyo siksik.

Since this sandwich bread was made of a Sponge, the shelf life was for about two weeks, at 60 F. I did not find out anymore if it will last for more than that, it was sitting on my baking table and John grabbed the last piece for his Tilapia fillet (because he ran out of rice to eat the Tilapia with. I was lucky enough to get at least three bites off it, only because he left it on the table. Ha ha ha. Oh well, maybe busog na siya and i loved every bite. Yummy. Here in New York, you get your Tilapia filleted already, no dark skin, just pure white fish meat so this was my first time to eat a fish inside a bread.

If you are at home, trying to perfect that Pandesal and could not do it, get a copy of the eBook on breads i have written for 2some years, it's 525 pages, over A THOUSAND PHOTOS, all steps covered.

The eBook also tells you tips on flour, and other ingredients, baker's %, bakery management, troubleshooting on baking and mixing, proofing etc.,

Incidentally, if you are opening a bakery business, please do not open one and then take the baking lessons after 3-6 months after. That is the worst business decision you will ever make. This is food production, not a clothing buy and sell where anyone can pull clothes off the rack and sell them after. Food requires precision. Clothes do not stale. It will not make people sick if they wear it.

This is something you should consider seriously with the utmost care for the people you are going to bake for, your potential customers, your family who will obviously end up enjoying the fruits of your labor in the end. I remember this girl who after enrolling in a two week course, bought a 30 quart mixer, an 8 sheeter oven and then opened a bakery.

Every day she would deliver breads to an office, then she would get comments. Malagkit ang dough (dough is sticky), matigas, pag minsan sobrang laki ng breads, minsan hilaw, minsan matamis, pag minsan sunog etc., etc., I asked her, why did you open the bakery when you have not perfected your products yet? Two weeks of baking class, and you did not practice after??? Hindi po. She thought she can get away with it. So she emailed me while i was here in New York, she wanted to attend my class but she was asking me if she can pay less since she already had taken classes from another school before. C'mon. It was not my fault that you did not learn. I almost took her in out of pity and from her emails, she was desperate because her breads were not selling. She even asked me if i wanted breadcrumbs because she has sacks of it. I cannot laugh despite it being really funny.

The common misconception out there is that EVERYONE CAN OPEN A BAKERY. Buy an existing bakery, hire Manong Baker, and let him do the work.

Watch Robert Irvine's Restaurant Impossible and you will learn a great deal about people who go into the restaurant business without even knowing what a Tartar sauce is, or how to make a simple Bechamel Sauce. Can you imagine making a Cheese n Mac out of a box and serving it to the customers? Yuck!!! Some of the featured episodes show restaurant owners/chefs who cannot compute their food costs, no inventory, no sanitation and food handling knowledge. One of the worst episodes was the Anna Maria's restaurant where Robert Irvine puked at the sight of the trash underneath the sink, oven, stove, counters etc., In short, it was a restaurant built on trash. How people can even cook in that environment is beyond me, it must have smelled awful inside (and even outside?)

So please, DO NOT BE STINGY ON YOUR EDUCATION. Learn, learn and learn everything. When i enrolled in a Culinary course, i did not think much about the tuition fee, my goal was to learn and how it would be useful to me. I would take 3 rides going to Barrio Ugong for 3 months for my baking apprenticeship, no allowance whatsoever. I went to Binan to get more apprenticeship although i got paid handsomely when they found out i can bake cookies and cakes. When my mother found out i was staying in Binan when she called once from New Jersey, she screamed "what are you doing in Binan?!"

Oh dear, so i left but i took with me a great deal of knowledge. Practice, practice, practice. This is the only way to perfect that delicious Pandesal. And please, do not be barat or kuripot when it comes to baking. Maglalasang panis ang bread if you do.

On the other side of the planet kinda thing.

My nephew and I are hooked on NBC's Grimm now on its 15th episode this coming Friday. What i love about it and i rarely watch series on tv (just Law and Order and CSI, Seinfeld and most cooking shows), is that I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT, it is suspenseful, the storyline is not corny, no shock on the face kissing and love story, and it is a fantasy with a bit of real life story. Kind of makes you feel like a kid again, which all of us have (real or not).

If i can tell the ending of a movie after watching it for 10-15 minutes, then it is one bad movie. First two minutes, you can already tell if a movie is going somewhere, the cinematography, the sound, the angles of the shot, etc., The story has to be original at best, not a copycat or something rehashed from the 70s unless it was a remake. There are great movie remakes out there where the director and screenwriter manage to make an old movie seen with a good pair of brand new rimmed eyeglasses with a 20/20 vision. Go see it, you might like it.


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