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Caldereta Patties/Turnover

My nephew played around with some of the Soft Buns/Flatbread and made some Caldereta Turnovers when he saw the pot of the beef stew on the stove. He asked me if he can do it, and i said of course, why not? I normally do Asado and Corned Beef Buns using the same dough but this one, we went to a different route by creating a sort of Calzone. So while the Soft Buns were proofing, we flattened 4 pieces, filled them with the Beef Stew, sealed and then baked.
The Sesame Seeds remains and they will be on the crust side, toasting them and creating a nuttier, crispier crust. Yum! Since the dough has been proofing, aka resting, they flattened easily. Normally, i would scream to the top of my lungs when someone does that to my proofing dough, but this 4 pieces has a purpose in life. To be turned into Calzones is not a bad turnaround.
Just make sure there is no extra sauce that clings to the sides, you will have a hard time sealing the edges.
I showed John how to do the first piece and he nailed the rest. I think this boy is going to have a nice back up plan when he gets old. Hope so.
Glaze the top with eggwash and bake at 325 F.
I tested one and made a simple flatbread, just one piece for my and i loved it. It is soft and crispy on the outside, the sesame seeds which i love so much is so good. One dough and i was able to make 3 kinds of breads, now that is a steal! I woke up the following day hoping to get a photo of the Calzones and John ate them all up for baon to his school. Next time maybe.
Incidentally, i just booked a flight back home to Manila on October 1 and will be back to New York March 21. Expect to see the schedule here sometime this week, i will most likely start my baking and cake decorating lessons second week of October. Here's to another round of lessons, hope to see you there. If you have any questions, please email me anytime. I will be happy to hear from you. Just in case you plan to open up a bakery in your area, my first advise is for you to learn first the trade and then start scouring the market for your equipment and tools, not the other way around. Believe me, it pays to be patient in this case.


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