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Baking Class

Schedule is now posted at and reservations still open for the October session. Below are just some of the photos i took during one of my baking sessions, and since i see the Cinnamon rolls and Baguettes, i know that this is our second day of the 3 day lesson.
Each student shapes the baguettes, i admit, pag medyo tagilid or palpak ang shape, inuulit ko kahit na nag sample na ako ng isa o dalawa. I do this so the students get to bring home a decent looking French bread. When the Cinnamon Roll day is on, i always have the same recurring comments from the students, ie; that it is not one of their favorite breads to eat, they are not fond of the scent of cinnamon, it is too sweet so they don't eat it, etc., etc., Pero, pag naluto na yung tinapay, at nag slice ako ng isa for them to taste, they all have one thing to say, iuuwi ko na lang yung share ko. What's funnier and most expected (because it happens every month) is the DAY AFTER, the cinnamon roll day. Stories range from, "inubusan ako ng cinnamon roll", "di na ako nakakain ng cin roll", "ang bilis maubos ng cin roll", etc., etc., all the more for me to urge them, o ayan, motivation mo para mag bake ka. Which to me, was the driving force why i fell in love with bread making.
Raisin and Cinnamon rolls with the Baguettes Below is more bread from my class, proofing in my improvised cooling rack/proofer. To those who are planning to attend the baking class, take a look at what i use, what i have first then buy. You might end up buying something that you can build or improvise with materials you already have, sayang ang pera. You need to be able to start with learning how to make the breads first with whatever little you have, just don't be stingy when it comes to your education. What good is having a large mixer and air conditioned kitchen if you cannot make a decent batch of Ensaimada?
Hmmm, Pizza, Pan De Coco, Hotdog buns... Don't forget, i will be in Fairview only until March 21 and off i fly back to New York so email me on how to make your reservations. Pay only P500.00, the rest of the fee will be paid on the first day, just bring your deposit slip. The class is hands on, so you guys will be mixing the dough, shape the dough, wait, wait, wait for the dough to proof and bake them. There is no ready made bread, what you mix is what you bake. Fee is P7500.00 inclusive of the ingredients, just bring a container so you can bring home some samples to share to your loved ones.


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