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Hands on Baking Classes

Haven't done any postings lately so here it is, as i announce to you guys that you can now make your reservations through SM BDO FAIRVIEW branch, (you can deposit anywhere)just email me once you made the deposit and keep the receipt with you.
I will be posting on my twitter my cell number as soon as i arrive in Manila, so you can text me in a jiffy. I thought i can bring some of my high gluten flour with me but both me and my mother are loaded already, that including two boxes i already sent filled with baking tools and gadgets. I might sell some to offset the cost of me staying here, but that depends on whether i feel less iffy and not cling to these tools like paper stuck to a glue. My New York garden has thrive and flourished with very minimal care from moi, just a little tending here and there but at this very moment, i have probably harvested about 30 kilograms of tomatoes and there are still so much to pick until the chill and snow sets in. Below is my tomato garden, both from seed ordered online and what do you know, seeds that were taken from my salsas. You simply just recycle what you have harvested and since the soil is rich with compost and dried egg shells, we have saved tons of precious dollars as we harvest herbs and veggies such as kinchay, oregano, basil, kale, mustard etc., not to mention the tomatoes.
On any given day, i get at least a kilogram of tomatoes, pas mal du tout!!! Not bad at all! Now below is a reposting of the Pandesal, that great bread we all love as i make a countdown on the shelf life of this batch, naabutan na ng another batch, two weeks and several days later, the lone Pan de sal still wala pang amag or mold. I was surprised and because i hold baking classes, i figure i will share the tips and techniques i did much to my sister's disapproval. I think my students deserve to know, don't you think? More than two weeks without mold is a huge deal especially if it does not have any preservatives which i find not disturbing but almost bordering on creepy! Yuck. Imagine, dried human hair imported from China, making their way in bread preservatives. When my back was in pain ( you have to do the cleaning here in the US, walang maid dito) my mother bought Potato Bread from Walmart. Curiously, i read the ingredients in the packaging and i was blown away. I counted almost 10, yes, 10 ingredients that are not natural and is not supposed to be there, not in my breads, not in the breads i bake for my family and certainly not what i will teach in my class. SSL, Datem, Calcium Propionate to name a few makes the bread FINE, SOFT IN TEXTURE AND LAST LONGER THAN THE NORMAL 4 DAYS. Do you really want these stuff in your body??? I hope not. People get sick just by sitting on their window sills. Why add more to the risk? Fresh, homemade goodness is what you need, what we all deserve. I hope many more of you out there take on the challenge of learning how to bake bread, bake your own at home and with the added bonus of selling them straight from your own kitchen, what can be better than that?


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