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Take Home Breads

Took a photo of the breads my students pack and bring home after every class. Like i always say in my website, please do not forget your containers. I will refuse to pack them in 3 layers because the breads will end up flat (pisa). Sayang lang yung pagod naming lahat para mai bake ang mga tinapay tapos mapipisa lang pala, so hindi ako pumapayag na patung patungin ang mga tinapay. Because of this, sometimes i lend my containers on the first day. No, they do not bring all the breads, i just give them samples 4 of this, 5 of that, depending on how many students attend. I want the students to show their family what they did in class, gives them motivation na after the whole day kang nawala sa bahay, here you are, meron kang dalang tinapay. My running joke is that, para pag nakita ng tatay or husband mo, ibibili ka ng mixer. Hopefully. Kung wala ka pang mixer. Magagalit sa akin ang brother ko pag nabasa ito kasi i am doing Taglish. So anyway, the November session was an eye opener. I have this student from Batangas. I told her, no Josie, you are not old at 53 because she keeps on saying she is old. Josie and i probably spoke over the phone for like 6 -7 times. To make it short, she has a bakery, ladida ladida. I feel for her. At her age, she wants to make to improve her craft, she wants to be up there, she wants changes but i can only say this much over the phone. And so, without asking her to pay the deposit for my hands on class, ((honestly because she sounds frail over the phone and i hate to make her line up in the bank). So sige, bahala na if she shows up, okay. If not, good luck with her. But she showed up, exactly at 9 am. All the way from Batangas. We tackled her bakery problems over mixing the dough and all throughout the session. Talagang eye opener just like i said, puedeng maging poster girl si Josie ng WHAT NOT TO DO WHEN OPENING A BAKERY. Medyo comedy but if you think about it, it is sad. Imagine, you have a baker for 10 years, and you buy the breads you eat sa ibang bakery? Yup. That is how bad it is. Nabibili naman daw, they make sacks of breads, pero all matitigas. We discussed the ingredients, mixing the dough in a planetary vs dough brake etc., etc., and i myself learned a lot from her. Her patience is so out there, bilib ako sa kanya. One year raw nag try mag Pandesal ang husband niya pero palaging matigas. Bottomline, and this is the best reaction by far that i got from a student since 2001. When she took a bite of the Spanish bread, and she said "ang lambot" with a sigh and a smile at the same time. I slept so well that night. I have more stories from this session but i have to prepare for my cake pops session with my niece so i am signing off for now. Good thing she did not forget her container, i wanted her so much to show her husband the breads we made. Josie, thank you for showing up, i wish you soooo well. Call me anytime.


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