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Special Ensaimada Day 1
Special Ensaimada Day 5 This Ensaimada has a shelf life of 1 week or exactly 7 days, no molds but best eaten on or before Day 5 because you can still bite into its moistness. Days later will result in dryness so i don't recommend it. I don't use calcium propionate which is the anti mold agent in breads, but i think most bakeries use them so they will stay on the shelf longer. This bread was made using the Sponge and dough method and i plan to make a video of it so those who have a No time dough method background can learn this one. In fact, i am planning to create a whole library of bread making videos/movie using this method because not too many people are familiar with it. Sayang because you don't really get to that pro level if you have no knowledge of this method. I don't have time to teach this special class so maybe i can turn them into a pro video class. Still working on it, i am writing the script so to speak, want to make the video unique with the least of editing. My first attempt was ridiculous, the movie was toooo long. I had to cut the scenes or clips and i was disappointed so i stopped for awhile, assessing which clips or procedures should go in or out. Then the idea that maybe i can put them into two cds came to me so i went back and rejoined the cuts, etc., etc., Oh well, same thing happened to me when i was making the book on commercial bread making. It was praised for being so anal in details (pardon the expression) but, sayang kasi, i really want to tell everything, i don't see them in books i bought years before so i want to see them in my book. This year started with a special class on breads, thank you to Jackie for gracing my humble kitchen. I know it was hard as a beginner but just remember, i baked breads not fit for human consumption when i was starting, i am not embarrassed to say that.
Breads Jackie made, she was able to round perfectly on the first day, and made baston on the second day. I think she has the hands of a baker, maybe this is her calling despite her 0 background in baking.
She requested for donuts on the first day so i included it in the lesson. Any dough can be fried into a donut, except probably the special ensaimada (my brother in Canada said it was too rich) and the baguette (kasi walang lasa at matigas). I sent some of the breads to my sister, and to those who help me around, driver, tagabili ng harina, alalay paglinis etc., Everyone's happy. January 13 15 17 bread making schedule, hands on.
Sausage inside the Pandesal, which is made from the Soft Bun Dough
Red Velvet Spanish Bread, yup, from leftover Red Velvel cupcakes na ayaw ng kainin ng niece ko from last xmas, frozen and then recycled into a filling.
text me at 09202019945 if you want to join the class.


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