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Baking Breads Video

Video clips of the BAKING BREADS DVD Title can now be seen at my website, or at youtube The BAKING BREADS DVD contains KNEADING, SPONGE AND DOUGH METHOD WITH HOW TO MIX USING KITCHENAID, SPECIAL YEMA ENSAIMADA AND SWEET POTATO BREADS (KAMOTE) WITH PANDESAL. Honestly, it's all what a beginning baker should look at, the very basics, videos not too long and boring but quite a delight to watch. I presented it the same way i would teach these subjects in real time, like in my HANDS ON BAKING CLASS. I cannot do the Sponge and Dough method anymore, i know most of my 3 Day baking class students request that i do teach them (ONLY A HANDFUL DID)BUT my schedule won't permit me so i thought of rummaging through my baking video library, tons of them. A 3 minute clip will take 2-3 days to finish. You go over and over and over the videos, you cut them, you go back, you save, you cut again etc., etc., I did not know this is so difficult to make. I learned my lessons, next time i will plan my video taking more neatly so i won't have to deal with the excess slides. There will be no audio, i decided against it and used texts so the instructions will be universally understood. My spoken English is pretty good i must say but what about those who cannot get my accent. I remember on my way to New Jersey, a black woman sitting next to me could not understand the word " Shogun". I repeated the words in different styles, intonations, leaps and lows and she was at a lost when she asked me where i would be getting off. It's a restaurant where i would meet a friend, good thing the signage was large so i managed. My point is, i view so many videos on youtube and watched so many cooking shows on tv. What i notice from all of them is that they often slide off the topic, making the presentation of the subject cloudy at times. Here is Rachel Ray one time talking about a dish and she told a story of her favorite tv show segment for like a good 7 minutes, laughing while she peels off the garlic and her show was only 30 minutes. That is just for one dish. The texts will show you exactly what is happening to the dough, i want you to focus on the quality, the sheen on the dough, the speed of the mixer, the changes that happens every second. That's what i want. Thus, the audio of the videos were all scrubbed. The video will not yet be available for sale in Asia, Middle East etc., just around me such as USA CANADA AND EUROPE because postage is not that expensive. I will ship the CD AND DVDS for FREE so it will take time depending on where you are. To whom do i recommend this video? Those who have bought the download version of the eBook on COMMERCIAL BREAD MAKING, will learn a whole lot from this. If you have no time to take a sponge and dough artisan class elsewhere and want to, this is the video for you. However, this is an advanced lesson but great for those who have started the NO TIME DOUGH METHOD ALREADY. If you have no idea what a No time dough is, YOU MAY FIND THIS VIDEO AND LESSON a little tricky to follow. I love watching it, i finally have something from my kitchen delivered to you. I still recommend a hands on class for the NO TIME DOUGH METHOD for beginners, because nothing beats HANDLING THE DOUGH IN PERSON and FEELING THE DOUGH yourself, but the SPONGE AND DOUGH METHOD in the video is a good introduction into this magnificent technique, one that i highly recommend that you learn if YOU ARE REALLY A BREAD LOVER. Go and view the videos and feel free to email me for questions.


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