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Sourdough starter

I showed Lesley how to make a Sourdough starter yesterday and I cannot believe how bubbly the starter is as shown on the photos below.

We did not use any yeast at all.  Just 1 cup bread flour and 1 cup tap water. I used a glass jar then whipped the batter using the butt end of a wooden spatula. I read somewhere that you should not use stainless steel so...

I covered  it with cling wrap and then secured the top with a rubber band. After Lesley and sisters left, I placed the jar inside my room up fronting the window. I know they should be in a warm place but the weather isn't exactly cold so the window is a perfect place.

This morning as usual, my routine after an all day hands on class is to   head on to the coffee machine so since the jar was near the coffeemaker,  I glanced on the starter. Not really on purpose since the last starter I made from June's group hands on class was just so and so.

Normally, the bubbles appear after 2 days, so I was surprised to see the froth on top. Hmm.  This is interesting. Considering there was no yeast in it, what could be the reason to its seemingly rise to get my attention. It definitely made me stare and think.

I took a photo. Wait. That's what I am going to do. I passed by the jar around 10 am ish and saw it bubbling more feverishly, so I took another photo making sure the masking tape was on the photo as well. I want to show Lesley the doubling of the batter. Fascinating. It was 1998 since I had a starter bubbling without any help from commercial yeasts. Guys, this is amazing.

I slept to rest my back and since I only had 4 hours of sleep the night before (and before that as well), I dozed off soundly. I got up and checked the starter,  this was 4 pm already and I was ecstatic to see it thickening up, with more froth than before. Photo again.

I am tempted to get some and whip up a quick pancake batter but we have so many breads so maybe not just yet. I need to get some of this bubbly slurry while it is alive. The yeasts will go through their dead state after all and I have to save some.

I will scoop up some of the starter and feed the one in the jar before I sleep tonight and we will see what happens. The starter i will take will not be thrown away, I will use them to make more so maybe I can give some to my students. 
Pure, hundred percent Fairview yeast.
Watch out and log back on to see what happens guys. If you happen to attend my class and want some starter, I will be happy to give you some. For free.


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