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It's that time of the year again. What is your covid xmas plan ( if you have not been selling your baked products yet)? Mine is to make Xmas cookies, i have several cookie cutters that i bought from Walmart and so i plan to do just that. Maybe make the Minion Gingerbread house if i can muster enough strength, or a cookie xmas treee. I prefer the latter though since i think the xmas cookies will look good on a traditional xmas edible tree. Yum! What recipe to use? I have three choices, Gingerbread, Chocolate and Vanilla Sugar Cookies. OR maybe all three flavors.  Anyway, like most who have been self quarantining these days i do miss my usual routine before the Pandemic. Let us pray that this will be over soon and we  will get back to at least 85 % normal, maybe not that too confident that we set aside the usual precautions such as wearing your masks, alcohol and taking your vitamins.  I honestly became more aware of my health these past few months, i am a cancer survivor so i know h
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Chiffon Cake

How to bake a chiffon cupcake and cake. Yes, i thought i cannot make cupcakes out of this cake but yes, you can. Just be careful, it bakes fast and so it will dry fast inside the oven. If your regular cupcake using a butter based fat bakes for 25 minutes, this one will finish in about 15 to 18 minutes only so do test them once you see the top browning. Light brown color crust is ideal.

shaping a mini baguette

shaping a mini baguette or a roll, the heel of the hand and the fingers seal the dough as well. Keeping the top of the dough smooth is hard for beginners and also maintaining an even oblong shape but practice makes perfect.




Siopao or Steamed Soft Bun If you do not like the Asado Filling, you can use any kitchen staples such as ham, cheese, hotdogs or even corned beef or tuna. Saute' the corned beef with onions and garlic and add cube potatoes and carrots. Do the same with your tuna and use these as an alternative filling. Stay safe everyone and i hope i get to open my classes again once this Pandemic is over. I miss talking to my students, miss having fun telling them how wonderful baking bread is and i miss the friendship we build after. Good luck and i hope this video helps you sell and earn money at home.

Butter and Margarine

I many not be an authority on FATS, i'm not saying it because i am not overweight ( i might be but whatever) or something but this is about FATS for baking. Margarine, Shortening, Oil and Butter. From top clockwise: Butter, Shortening, Tub Margarine, and Table Margarine When we say Tub margarine, this is the kind you buy per kilo from your local bakery supply store or market such as Spring ( been using this brand since 1998) and table grade margarine is your Dairy Creme, Butterfresh, Dairy Magic, Baker's Best.  What is the difference between the tub and table grade margarine? Tub margarine does not melt at room temperature. Table grade or bar margarine melts at temperatures higher than 70 F.  I have been using all of these regularly including the 0 Trans Fat version in New York, Country Crock mostly and although you can use them interchangeably at most times for baking, it does not apply when it comes to making icings...  I can substitute any of the butter with these margarines

THE NEWBIE BAKER and Basic Dough

So i am getting more inquiries these days regarding my hands on classes and yes, there's still a pandemic and more positive cases have been reported lately so folks, as much as i really want to teach you, it is not happening anytime soon. It is so sad. I miss talking to people who were mirror images of the NEWBIE baker me, way back oh dear, it is embarrassing to say, mga 30 some years ago. My handle on baking was tested on really fire and stove! I remember looking at my Aunt's oven and turbo broiler as she bakes something that looks like a cake but doesn't taste like one. Hahaha. So yes, she has an oven but they never used it for anything else other than chicken. Nothing else. I was a teenager minding my own business but had some free time and saved up money to buy ingredients so i bought a Betty Crocker cake mix. It said in the package that i can make cupcakes out of it, and since i don't see any cake pans but muffin tins only (my aunt used it for Puto), i baked my ver

Covid Baking and Cooking

I received several inquiries about holding baking classes during this quarantine and yes, i will still hold sessions but only after the quarantine or lock down is lifted. Does not seem to me that there is a difference between a lock down and quarantine since i can't leave the house because i am too scared to go out. To me, it seems like i am in a lock down. I can't hold baking lessons, no one will enroll and who can if there are no public transportation available anyway.  Going to groceries and markets is also stressful. We have one designated shopper, actually two since she cannot drive herself and he, my brother does not want to queue the long lines. So he stays in the car, while my sister in law goes inside the supermarket. But despite having everything available in the market, once you ran out of something say, butter or confectioner's sugar, you cannot go out the day after to buy one. Lining up for just a bar of butter? or cornstarch? or bbq stick? glutinous rice? No.