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Showing posts from September 21, 2011

More Baking Days

Day 3 and 4 of our special private class, lucky these two are. If someone pays for my training, i will be in church every Sunday for sure. I am so happy that my student is pleased that her breads are getting great reviews, hmmm, could it be that they are free? Hope not, these two worked hard to get the shapes right sweating and standing for hours.

Mongo breads, and pizza, whole grain garlic and rosemary foccacia. If you do not like the breads too brown, all you need is to reduce the baking time and lessen the eggwash on top. Not all students like the maputla or pale versions, i too prefer my breads golden brown.

Everyone's favorite, Hard Monay, actually this is the only bread i eat from the white bread varieties, i go for whole grain but i will not pass this one out. My helper just asked me if this was the same star bread, and yes it is the same.

Day 4 Special Ensaimadas, topped with floss, if the students prefer a particular shape, i allow them freely, this one was just rounded i…