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when sombody asks me what the best method in breadmaking is, with hardly a wink, i say of course it's the sponge and dough method. this method which for thousand of years has been in use is absolutely magnificent!!! the flavor of the bread is exceptional, it has this yeasty and mouthwatering aroma that you don't need to slather your bread with anything at all to eat it off hand. i devour the bread while it is still hot. aside from the fact that it really smells wonderful while it is still in the oven, the idea that you painstakingly laboured to get this lively lump of dough for hours, excites your senses. whenver i make some for my family, sometimes i keep an extra slice for myself, hey, what if suddenly crave for it and its gone, huh. yeah, i admit, sometimes you get selfish when all this thing cost is roughly around 30 pesos, but the attention it gets is like nursing a weaning toddler so i think there is a reasonable explanation to that.

whenever i make a sponge based bread,…