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Sponge and Dough Pandesal, Your Best Pan de Sal

Yes, to those who are asking if you can use a sponge to make the best ever Pan de Sal. Not only will the rolls be larger in volume, the flavor will be exceptional, shelf life extended. To Marge, my friend sorry i am posting this only now, you can use any kind of sponge you want to use, 50 60 70% sponge flour is fine.
There is a huge difference when cutting with a plastic and wooden dough cutter. Find out how you can perfect this baston in my Ebook. See how the dough is tapered on both ends, making the "singkit" style of cut. There are 70 images in the ebook on how to make this baston, and another recipe Pandesal B using the freeform style.
My proofing area is a separate closed room, this is why you cannot see any sheet cover etc., The window allows me to peek through the rising dough. Very convenient, a welcome surprise when i had this bakery/proofing room built.

Visible signs of the cuts on top of the Pan de Sal, another indicator that you did a good job, the consistency of th…