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So my mixer came in yesterday, and boy it was hefty. Somehow the dimension as printed in their website did not configure well in my brain as i pore over the pages since my mind was set on a bigger mixer. I used a 10 quart mixer for 12 years and i did not want to settle on the same size. Looks like this 20 quart model is way too big, i can set up a bakery on my own with just this one. I wish i had one this big back when i was teaching back home in the Philippines, i could have made my lessons so much easier.

Anyway, it was a good deal and i like the features it has. I still need to wait for my bread improver to arrive, i have tested several brands of flour here and i want to try mixing a sweet yeast dough with a bread improver this time. Problem is, if i make a sweet yeast dough, the sponge is not enough to extend the shelf life to more than 5 days. I am currently thinking of devising some natural ingredients to fix this problem, looking into our pantry to see if there is some hidden m…