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hERE IS A PREVIEW OF WHAT IS IN STORE FOR THE CAKE AND CUPCAKE DECORATING CLASS, I MIXED IN BOTH THE FONDANT AND BUTTERCREAM TO DECORATE THIS BATCH OF BANANA CUPCAKES. I did this in a jiffy because the cupcakes are fast disappearing, starting with 32 pieces and i was left with only 11 pieces to decorate. Normally you do the cakes in one day, make the decorations in another day, be it a day before or days before but i did everything in one whole day because my colds are getting worst, afraid i will never get this done at all.

Making my simple pink flower

Drying it up on a flower former

Cupcake with a Skirt

Buttercream Rose on a Cupcake

Gumpaste Flowers and Buttercream on a Cupcake

Mini Rose with Buttercream Flower

Now they can eat it, but not before i take photos please!

Okay, so i still have some left the morning after but only because the boys had so much icing too eat already. I guess.

My favorite so i am not letting anyone eat it.
See you in my class, i will post the materials in m…