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The Case of the Missing Pandesal

These are the latest images from my October session. I took photos of the second day only, the first day went like a whirlwind, i did not even notice it ended but i had fun watching them knead towards the last part of the session.

French Bread, part of what the students kneaded on the first day. Half of which we made into pizzas and foccacias for their snacks. I still have a slice of the baguette, 3rd day after i made one slice into a sandwich, more or less giving you the idea that a retarded dough has a longer shelf life than the No time dough or Straight Dough method.

After kneading, i froze the individual doughs with their names on each plastic and thawed them for our second day session. Only 1 student managed to finish the dough in under 30 minutes, and was the only one to fully develop the gluten.

To each his own. She started with a very sticky dough and used her whole upper body to knead which was the ideal way of doing it. So you see, it is not the heft and the gender, the te…