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baking breads 1

whenever i get calls regarding breadmaking, i feel like recording everything i say by the time i hang up the phone. seriously, because almost everyone i get to talk to has the same woes, the same ambition and goal, the same dilemma. it is as if i talk to the same person only that the name changes everytime the phone rings. i remember, well, i used to be at the end of the phone a long time ago and i didn't get the answers i wanted, neither did i ever get to call someone who knows baking that much.

now that i offer teaching breads at home, i get to listen to so many stories of mostly women who want to bake good breads as a business base. this page is not enough to enumerate their sob stories so i will try to recall the most common ones. the number one common denominator is the problems they encounter with the bakers. one student of mine who owns two bakeries came to me to study cakes. when i asked her why she close her two bakeries she said she went bankcrupt, had to sell the delive…