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If there is food and wine pairings, there has to be bread and whatever is out there pairings...I know..
You do this too remember, like when you have nothing appetizing laid out for you because you do not eat pork and everyone else eats them. Poor me.

So you make sure that when you bake breads, since you cannot be doing this everyday (unless you managed to sneak some from your class) you have to freeze at least a loaf or 4 pieces of sandwich rolls. This is your insurance. This will ensure you get to eat like the rest of the population. Or starve. Imagine you, teaching breads and you finish work, tired and all, and the helper saying to you" ma'am sher, kain na (let's eat)", When you ask her what's for lunch, she tells you it's pork adobo or pork sinigang, veggies with pork etc., If it isn't pork, then it is something almost similar, that is , a dish  swimming in lard.

Now you know why i had to learn how to bake breads. Breads offer you an endless array of food…