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Chilling It Out In The Spring

It is mighty cold, this morning i just put two layers of clothes and a pair of socks which i thought i have gotten rid of 3 weeks ago. Last Sunday, we took out some of the seedlings we were growing inside the house, near the windows (all windows) and was so bitterly disappointed when they wilted, not because of the heat of the sun although it was sunny outside, but because of the almost freezing temperatures. Ano ba yan? The seedlings all drooped, the leaves curled up like they have not been fed for days. I took them all back inside, some upstairs in my room near my window to rejuvenate them, with a prayer... Not an easy task planting from seeds but i love the whole process. I just don't like re-doing the same thing over using the same seeds. That means failure and a waste of my time, peeking through the plastic covering, checking everyday for life, watering, transferring them back and forth, turning the trays to get a spray of sunshine from the windows. Seedlings i started fro…