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Shaping and Sealing French Bread

httStart by dividing the dough into desired portions, round and form into logs.


Flatten the dough using the heels of your hand, make sure the thickness is even.

Fold the short end of the dough and press using your fingers.

Roll the log using the heels of your hands, i am using my right hand to take the pictures since i have no one else in the house to take them, (you can view the complete steps in my ebook if you want). Honestly, i just watched the bakers at Purefood's Flour do this maybe 8 times and practiced it at home for another 8 times before i managed to make a decent looking baguette.

Pinch to seal and pan. I left my baguette pan back home, this one is too small i bought on sale for $9.99 just to please myself but i am not happy with this buy.
Way too small for my baking style.

Proof the baguettes until they triple in size, yes, triple.

The proofed dough, and the baking (see how they puff up once inside the oven). I am not baking these golden brown since i will be freezin…

Eating Your Garden

My herbs and veggies garden, on whatever pots i can get my hands on, we have a bigger patch of land downstairs, below the deck but the soil is not too rich, i think we need to amend it first and my small arms do not have the strength to shovel the thick dirt so there you are, my mini garden on pots.

I am very happy to have grown Rosemary from seeds, out of the packet, i have two small Rosemary plants. I was told that even if the snow falls on these plants, they will grow back again. Not taking any chances, i would like to put them inside when the frost appears.

What i can tell you is that it takes very little of your time to do a little gardening or so, but the benefits are immensely both gratifying to your health and mental well being. I love cutting on the leaves and pick on tender shoots for my salads and sandwiches, my new favorite being Arugula provides me with crispy leaves everyday. This is just from one packet of seeds i sowed late March.

The only thing missing in my garden i…