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Take Home Breads

Took a photo of the breads my students pack and bring home after every class. Like i always say in my website, please do not forget your containers. I will refuse to pack them in 3 layers because the breads will end up flat (pisa). Sayang lang yung pagod naming lahat para mai bake ang mga tinapay tapos mapipisa lang pala, so hindi ako pumapayag na patung patungin ang mga tinapay. Because of this, sometimes i lend my containers on the first day. No, they do not bring all the breads, i just give them samples 4 of this, 5 of that, depending on how many students attend. I want the students to show their family what they did in class, gives them motivation na after the whole day kang nawala sa bahay, here you are, meron kang dalang tinapay. My running joke is that, para pag nakita ng tatay or husband mo, ibibili ka ng mixer. Hopefully. Kung wala ka pang mixer. Magagalit sa akin ang brother ko pag nabasa ito kasi i am doing Taglish. So anyway, the November session was an eye opener. I h…

5 day old French Bread, Cake Deco discount

Cake Deco Buttercream Class on Dec. 21, mention this article and get a P500.00 discount. Still time to catch up with the December session and learn before the Holidays. I know it is a busy time for all of us, mine will be spent baking and decorating for xmas in between these sessions. As if i have no other ways to torture myself!!! Yesterday, i had a special baking session and we created (much more of a challenge) 8 kinds of variations all in 2 kilograms of dough. I must admit, it was fun and exciting. We put Ube in the sweet yeast dough, sweet cheese, tuna, and many others. If you look at it, this is exactly what a bakery does, i have blogged about this many times but it occurred to me, bitin pa ako and i wanted to do more! This baguette is 5 days old, room temperature because we used a sponge and dough method. Dec. 16 18 20 Hands on Bread making text me at 09202019945 or log on to for details.