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All Purpose Flour between Bread Flour

So far, the inclusion of the vital wheat gluten in my bread making solved the problem of having to deal with not having my usual brand of bread flour. I know for a fact that there are quite a huge selection of bread flour or hard wheat flour here in the Northeast but buying them is a problem. I was told Costco and BJ's have them, but the brands i am seeing is ???? Turning to the www for your flour purchase isn't that too inviting either, imagine  coughing up $9-$13.00 for shipping and handling per package? The ones i bought are quite satisfactory, i give them a 95% passing grade.
Going back to the all purpose versus bread flour, there is a big difference in  water absorption, the volume, the make-up and texture. My biggest concern back home was that all purpose was more expensive so i did not use it when i bake breads. At P50.00 something per kilogram, (this is the "tingi" or retail packs you buy from your corner bakery supplier, not the Gold Medal or Pillsbury in th…