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About Fats, err I mean Butter, Margarine, Oil and Shortening

The photo above shows you just some one of the many brands of Margarine, trans fat free fat that are on the grocery chiller section in the US. In New York, just before Mayor Bloomberg left his office, the all trans fat rule was imposed on all restaurants and bakeries. Adding more cost to the food, it does makes sense when you see obesity creeping into the society. Better health in the long run is definitely a winner.
When it comes to baking, and since i deal with breads mostly, the 10%  average fats that we use in a Pandesal recipe does not really seem to be a threat at all if you eat two to three pieces a day. I doubt if there is anyone out there who regularly eats bread every morning especially since we are a country of "sinangag". We just love our fried rice and tuyo or scrambled egg, hotdog etc., in the morning.
Anyway, i think the cost is the primary reason why trans fat will not be a fad in Asian markets just yet. It will be too expensive and i don't think that a …