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Kichenaid Breads

Baking or making breads will always be a contentious issue for me. While the maker has come up with so many models and almost neurotically flooded, i mean practically summoning all colors imaginable for use in the kitchen, Kitchenaid has them. Enough to drive ALL OF US MAD AND OBSESSIVE. aAdmit it. You covet a couple of these mixers, one in your favorite color and maybe one of those big commercial 7 quart thinking it would solve all your bread making problems. My first one says i can use Speed 4 to mix a 10 minute Pullman or Dinner Roll. My latest acquisition, which is a 5 quart this time says only Speed 2. If you are a bread enthusiast, you know 10 MINUTES IS NOT ENOUGH. Why the change? I mean if you are going to upgrade, shouldn't that be a step higher WITH more torque, more uuumph and tolerance? This to me sound like a regression. Just thinking. I bought the mixer here in New York, never tested the mixer just peeked through the box and brought it with me last August. In t…